What is Microsoft 365 Business?

We have been getting quite a few requests asking us to explain the advantages of Microsoft365. I’ve decided to briefly set-out the product in this post to explain this amazing offering by Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription based service by Microsoft. Traditionally businesses would spend hundreds of dollars on software licensing to have Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc installed for every user in their organisation. The PC’s on which the office packages are installed would also need licences for their operating systems, be it windows 7 and the like. You would also need an email provider for hosting all our email accounts. Depending on your configuration you may need an onsite Exchange server to facilitate the transport of emails, which also would need some sort of server licencing. Then you would need to get an Antivirus software to protect your organisation against viruses and other threats, This too would need a licence. If you have users connecting their smartphones and other personal devices to your network, you would need some sort of Device Management solution. Taking into consideration the underlying hardware required to get all this to function, you need to ensure you have a considerable IT budget to support all this functionality. This not taking into account costs related to supporting this entire solution.

With a subscription based service like Microsoft365, you pay for the service you receive. The subscription can be paid for on a monthly or annual basis. If a user leaves your organisation you can choose to stop paying for that licence immediately. With Microsoft 365 you get Advanced Threat Protection to protect you against harmful attachments and links. You can secure your business information on device and also wipe business data from enrolled devices if they are lost or stolen. You can get protection against cyber-threats and more.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we need to constantly limit exposure of our workforce and clients . Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration tools are perfect for keeping your business operating through remote operations and limited team contact. You get professional communication tools in Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Yammer. Personal storage with OneDrive for Business. You get organisational cloud storage for shared company information with Microsoft Sharepoint. You also get Microsoft Planner which is brilliant to manage your tasks for organisation. If your organisation is running Windows 7 Pro and later pro versions of windows, you get a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The ability of a solution like Microsoft 365 is endless, it gives your organisation the productivity edge available on just about any device at any time.

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