Online Business – The New Normal

The effect of COVID-19 on many small businesses is nothing short of catastrophic. With the absolute need for social distancing and reduced exposure to the inevitable spread of the Covid-19 virus traditional businesses are facing virtually impossible trading conditions. The battle to stay relevant as a small business is prompting many business owners to take their business online.

Traditional B2B2C businesses are now opting for the direct B2C channel, conveniently provided by the online business model. If you are a small business facing these challenges, I must state that you are not alone. The Global Business environment is experiencing the same and we can all leverage global trends and learn form how the global community is responding to this crisis.

You can find more info of weekly trends by visiting and other online resources. CC Insight provides weekly updates on Global Commerce trends. The also provide and insightful downloadable whitepaper “The Time for E-Commerce-First Has Arrived”.

Global Consumer Driven activity has seen a rise in many online business sectors, Online Retail Business has increased exponentially.Followed by Utilities, Charity and Gaming. Within the Online Retail Sector, Grocery and Home Electrical has seen massive growth. 

The message is obvious, Online Business reduces customer exposure and is the safer option. Even with the relaxing of Lockdown Regulations, online business is expected to rise over the next 12 months.What we see is renewed Consumer Confidence in online trading as more consumers are transacting safely and conveniently online. 

Welcome to the new normal. Is just makes sense.

If you are a small business needing assistance in taking your business online, contact Tec IT for info on the Tec IT Evolve project. Evolve offers many small businesses access to free consultation and implementation fn Online Stores quickly and conveniently. We will provide you with all the information and tools you require to start a new online business or to take your existing business online. We understand that Technology has never been a key priority of many a small business owner. We would like to extend our guidance and support to you, allowing you more time to focus on your business. Don’t sweat the Tech, allow us the opportunity to be your personal Small Business CIO. We value the small business community and believe that it is in our best interest to support each other as much as possible. We believe that partnering with you in your time of need will build strong long lastly relationships.

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